Posted by: johnnadette | September 18, 2007

Ramadan (also know as the month of hiding during the day)

Well it is Ramadan here and now I have a few rules to follow for the next month…

  • No eating or drinking outside/in view of anything while the sun is up, this includes gum or basically the Bahraini police will arrest and fine you
  • Long pants at all times- particularly wonderful given I ride a bike to work and that the temps average around 100F every day and also I only have one pair of pants that arnt so wide they wont get stuck in the gears. ( normally you can get away with shorts if you are PT’ing-doing physical exercise- or riding a bike)
  • Shoulders will be covered at all times ( I already did this but I think they are just reemphasizing this rule given the month)
  • No bright colors, stripes or large printed items on shirts
  • Avoid all local Ramadan tents
  • Be extra careful etc…
  • And as usual DON’T STARE, no matter how much they stare at you don’t stare back.

We are a few days into Ramadan and what I have noticed is that the day and night have essentially reversed, as in stores are closed for large amounts of the day but stay open longer than normal.  During the day the streets are a ghost town but at night it is as if nothing is different.  A couple of friends and I decided to go to the mall last Saturday around 4pm and everything was closed- including the movie theaters-  But all of the places would be opening around 7pm then staying open till at least 12 midnight.

The mall at 4pm

I find this type of fast a little confusing giving that I grew up knowing about the Catholic style of fasting during lent where one gives up something that means a lot to them or that is a temptation for about 40 days.  This seems more of a fast to me than just reversing the way the day function from during daylight hours to night hours, but that is just my opinion.



  1. That’s funny to find your blog through my friend Lomester, my husband was stationed in Bahrain for about 7 years and to some reason he liked it (being a FL resident), he told me a lot of interesting things about their culture and customer, but I bet it is much harder being a woman in arabic country, not with my fashion flamboyant. So let knitting keep you sane! Try some bamboo and hempathy yarns, they keep you cool or linen as well.

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