Posted by: johnnadette | September 25, 2007

Knit, Knit, Rip

I started my clap at my boyfriends house and given that he and another friend were furiously playing video games I was making good progress, but then at on the 5th increase I left the room and returned to find that the cute little daemon (named Tiny and pictured below) was gnawing on my knitting.

        I knocked him off, stashed the knitting in my bag and assumed all was well because I only saw him with the strand coming out of the ball….sadly when I looked at it more closely this morning I discovered that Tiny had managed to pull out a bunch of stitches.  Nothing to do but rip, so rip I did 10 rows of ripping then carefully put the stitches back on and start again. 


 Now I am almost back to where I was before but work is interfering with any major progress for the next two days.  At least I learned my lesson to not leave my knitting alone in the same room as a cat.




  1. OH nooo! bad kitty!

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