Posted by: johnnadette | October 19, 2007

Color or Tone

The time has come for me to change my color again, but this time it is not going as easily as last time. I spent a couple of days looking at the two choices next to my clapotis and decided the main difference was should I go with matching the color theme or matching the overall tone theme. So far my tone theme has consisted of very dark section pooling with lighter sections and the color is one of jeweled tones with the dark color and a green color throughout. The choice that matched the tone, mineshaft, bothered me because it is very grey in color and the fact it has an almost white section which is lighter than any other tone I have used thus far. What bothered me about the color choice, baltic sea, was that there was no real tone contrast between the colors, the all had about the same tone. So, for once, I wisely added a lifeline and decided to go with the tone choice because I had liked the dark pooling so much before. It was not long before I began to have second thoughts, after finishing one repeat of the straight section I knitted up a small swatch of the color choice and pinned it in place to compare the difference.

The color option even though you can’t really tell from the swatch does have a green color that is similar to the green in the other two sections. Also with my tone choice the dark tone is not as dark as the other sections while the lightest tone is much lighter than the others. I am leaning towards ripping out to the lifeline and going with my color choice but I am going to wait a day to look at it with fresh eyes…. any thoughts on which way I should go?


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