Posted by: johnnadette | December 12, 2007

Presents and suprises

Got the hot water issue fixed ( very very good thing) though my internet is still a little shaky, but I have a good landlord so I am not really concerned.

I have recently rescued a kitty, he had been living around my place and I would say a meow hello every time I saw him, but when I saw him outside last week he coundn’t walk properly anymore. So I picked him up and took him to a vet.  He has had a head injury, I suspect either a glancing blow by a car or someone kicked him.  The vet did say that cats have the ability to recover and you just have to give them time.  So now I have a cat who wobbles a bit when he walks, though he is not quite as wobbly as he was when I first got him.  As for his name I have dubbed him Kitty Yoshi, kitty because that is just what I was calling him and Yoshi after the character in Mario Bros who runs around all crazy ( it also means good in Japanese)


 As for knitting I just got myself a set of Options from knit picks and so far I am pleased. They are pointy and it is nice to have most of the sizes I could ever need, though I do wish the sizes were labeled.   I also got the supplies for a baby blanket and my sisters Christmas present.  I don’t know if my sister reads this so I am not going to put any pictures up but I do have pictures on ravelry.  Hopefully I will finish the present in time to ship it back to the states, which takes about 10 days so I have about 3 days to finish.


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