Posted by: johnnadette | February 2, 2008


My boyfriend just got a new superfancy camera with all the bells and whistles, it takes digital photos that look like film. I love my camera, it may be old (4 ish years which with todays technology is archaic) but it takes pretty good photos. Point and click and I am done, but I had him take a picture of the doily I just made and wow it just looks sooo much better. Well also it was during the day with good light and when I take pictures I often do it at night with my florescent light so that dosent help. Well see for yourself.

his mine

By the way the doily is the Round doily from Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Lacy Crochet I made it with this blue stuff I picked up in Japan and the only crochet hook I have since before seeing this book I didnt have much of an interest in crochet but now I think I may be hooked 🙂


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