Posted by: johnnadette | March 7, 2008


The title of this post and how a word can have many meanings reminds me of a little story. At my last command I was in charge of getting supplies. So every month or so I would post up a wish list where everyone could write down what they or the workcenter needed. Inevitably someone would write down HOOKS. We did actually need a place to hang our coats but, keep in mind that these guys were red blooded, American, mostly single, young males stationed in Asia, they did not mean hooks that you can hang you coat up on. It is always interesting when a word can have so many meanings, right now I am actually referring to crochet hooks. 🙂

My mail arrived sooner than expected and I found myself with the needles to make my sisters present (the yarn hasn’t arrived yet) and supplies for crochet. Given that I haven’t had anything to do with my hands for a couple of weeks I quickly started on the crochet project I wanted to do. To my dismay I found that all the hooks I had just were too big. I gave it a try but after looking around on Raverly and seeing what other peoples crochet looks like I have come to the decision that I should just do some more online searching and find the right size hook. At least Tiny liked what I did

corchet 003
Now I am back to the waiting game till the yarn for my sisters endpapers arrives. I have enough yarn leftover from my Clapotis to make myself a pair but I am afraid that if I finish one pair I wont want to make another, so back to waiting I go.


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