Posted by: johnnadette | March 14, 2008


While working on the Endpaper Mitts I wisely placed in a lifeline after I finished the cuff. I did this because I wasnt sure of how I would go about doing the colorwork. First I tried holding both colors in my left hand continental style. This produced a nice fabric but the yarns got all tangled up so I switched to holding the main color in my left hand continental style and the other in my right english style. After a couple rows of this I noticed that I had been tightening every stitch and that I was producing WAY to tight of a fabric.

So I figured out how to get the right tension, ripped out, and started the pattern over. It looks much nicer now. I am still afraid that it might be too tight so I might throw in another lifeline and go up a size in needles from a 2 to a 3.

In another type of tension, the vet is on vacation and little Kitty Yoshi needs to be neutered. He is at HP’s house with Tiny and we are afraid that he might have started to spray, so until the vet gets back the cats are confined to the kitchen. Fortunately Kitty is near the top of the surgery wait list. Poor things, but better safe than sorry.


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