Posted by: johnnadette | March 22, 2008


I love fresh green salads. They are one of my favorite things to eat. Unfortunately a good salad is hard to come by in this part of the world.  I think this is for several reasons. Traditionally the food in this part of the world dose not include many fresh vegetables.  I understand why given the climate, it gets so hot here in the summer that you really cannot expect to keep fresh veggies fresh for more than a day without refrigeration. Another reason is that everything has to be shipped here because Bahrain has no farming industry at all.  This makes any type of fresh fruit or vegetable more expensive than other parts of the world. 

When it comes to shopping for food I have two choices, on base and off base.  When it comes to lettuce I have found that if I buy a head of it the lettuce will begin to wilt the next day and even then it is hard to find one that doesn’t already feel like it is starting to wilt.  So I have started to buy these bags of mixed greens off base for about $3. They last a couple of days but I try to eat then the day I get them.  The other day I was in the produce section on base and I saw some American brand bags of lettuce like this.


They were $7! $7, there is no way I can justify spending that amount of money on lettuce, and it wasn’t even the same quality as the stuff I get off base. This is a small base and we do not even have a full commissary. Normally a commissary tries to provide groceries at a cheaper price than you can find out in town, but not here the prices can be the same or higher and for sure everything costs more than it does in the states.   Yes they have to ship all of the items over here but they could at least try to give us a better price.  The NEX, the on base store, always claims that all of the profits go to MWR, Morale Welfare and Recreation.  MWR is useless out here all they do is offer a few trips that are pretty bad and you still have to pay for and bring no name bands to base every once in awhile.  Instead of taking the profit and putting it into MWR which really does not benefit anyone the NEX could take them and use them to offset the shipping costs to give us a lower price.  That would actually make more sense for I think if the prices were lower people would buy more creating even more profit.  But that just makes too much sense for the Navy, and we always say that not making sense is the navy way.



  1. I am sure it would be delicious right? Unfortunately, Malaysia does not sell fresh green salads or I would have try to buy it over here.

  2. Hey Michelle! It’s Alli Calhoun (or I suppose Alli Katsufrakis now, people are calling me Allikat! hehe).

    $7 for salad! Unreal. I’m not even paying that much here in DC where things are really expensive. You could get a salad in a restaurant for that much. That’s tough. What do people EAT in Bahrain to get their vitamins and minerals if not veggies?

  3. you still eat veggies but they will be cooked, or stewed or even fried.

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