Posted by: johnnadette | April 8, 2008

Stuff n Stuff

I have had the most awful home electronics luck lately. A few weeks ago the AC in my room wouldnt turn on and the power switch wouldnt go off. No big deal I figured since it really isnt hot yet I could wait till i pay my rent to complain. Then about 2 days before I pay my rent the TV in my living room died, this happens to be the only one that is connected to the cable so this is a big deal to me. But once again I figured I would wait. The night before I pay my rent the AC in my room suddenly beeped the lights flickered and it came back on, weird but ok. Figuring that these were my only problems I went to the AC in my dining room to turn it off ( I had had it on during the day but didnt want to leave it on at night) and WHAM I slid to the floor in a giant puddle of water that was leaking from my AC. Now I had major issues, fortunately I have been blessed with a great landlord who even though does not speak much English always comes through and gets things fixed. Within a week all of these issues had been fixed. What I learnt from this is how much more I do when the TV is gone, I have always had a slight TV addiction I use it to zone out, without it I started to clean up my place more and finish some knitting. Though I also did discover the wealth of hair and makeup how to videos on utube 🙂

On the knitting front my sisters present is finished, photographed and ready to be mailed off. I am pretty pleased with the finished product and I am really glad that I blocked them the process smoothed out all of the little bumps.

Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang
Yarn : Knit Picks Palette in tan and garnet heather
I used less than half a skein of each
Needles: 3, 0

I am making progress on my Baudelaires ( ravelry link) but I am not at the point where since I am using one skein I am trying to figure out where to stop but how to get the most out of the yarn at the same time. I am kinda just using guess and check where I knit and figure if I have to rip then I will have to rip. I really like them so far and I cant wait until the next civilian clothes day that I work so I can show them off, though since my watch team consists of all males no one will really care but it will make me happy.



  1. […] again it is that time of year for my sister to get a knit birthday present. Last year she got a pair of Endpaper Mitts, this year she requested mittens and then a hat to match. The […]

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