Posted by: johnnadette | April 15, 2008


I recentally started work on a pair of Jaywalkers ( an effort to not deal with the fiddly bit of figuring out where to stop my Baudelaire and not run out of yarn) and I was struck by the way the colors made stripes, I am using Knit Picks Essential in riverbed multi. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was an accidental spiral like what Grumperina has been talking about lately. Normally when it comes to math and technical stuff my little brain zones out and says “uh uh… me no likey …no think… just do” but there was no way for me not to notice how the colors would migrate around the needles in a manner to which Grumperina describes to get the desired spiral stripes. Of course once I got the the heal and gusset the balance of stitches per needle was disrupted and my stripes were no longer in a perfect pattern, but as I decrease the stripes appear to be returning.

On a side note related to my recent appliance issues, my washer has always been on this pedestal thing where the front two pegs are resting on a shelf that is not secured to the ground thus causing it to shake around and fall off the pedestal ( I have tried setting the washer to a gentle spin cycle but it still wants to shake and move around). I am not strong enough to move it back myself so I usually have to get help from my landlord or a friend. HP came over and since he had moved my washer before he decided that he was going to fix this…in theory the fix of placing the front of the washer at an upward angle is good, but I do not have the wood blocks required to make a really stable base…so HP used water bottles…


no, it dosent really work, I have done two loads and the little bottles have been shook out the big one is still hanging in there though.


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