Posted by: johnnadette | May 29, 2008

Long time no post

I havent written anything in awhile mostly because my cat has been living with me and I have been giving him quite a bit of attention. Normally he lives with HP and Tiny because due to our work schedules they are alone for over 12 hours on some days and it is just nicer to have a kitty friend. Kitty Yoshi needed to get the snip snip and I am just a better kitty nurse than HP so he came back to me. Silly Kitty decided to lick his area, therefore Kitty had to wear the collar and his recovery time became longer so his stay with me was extended. He really disliked the collar, he chewed his way out twice!

Then HP went on vacation so Tiny came to live with me also. Once he arrived I had to put all of my yarn into hiding, he is a punk and will play with anything left unattended. Both of them are still here but I have figured out how to knit with them around and I have been bring projects to work on mid watches.

(such angels when they sleep)

That being said I did get some knitting done. I finished my Baudelaire‘s.(ravelry link)

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Solid in Navy 1 skein on size 0 needles.

It was a challenge to do the socks out of one skein because I was guessing when to stop. I did one sock past the heal then I started the other and then switched off as I saw fit. I also finished one of my jaywalkers, but seem to have run into second sock itis due to not really liking the way the colors pools at the foot.

In exciting news I signed up for summer of socks and have spend the majority of my economic stimulus on sock yarn. My goal was to try as many new yarns as my little budget would allow me to. I have no idea how many I will complete due to my sporadic knitting at times but who knows maybe I will get inspired. I will also try to do most of them two at a time to prevent second sock itis.

(Kitty Yoshi helped with the picture)

And to tie myself over until summer of socks starts I got a copy of Victorian Lace Today and 6 skeins of lace yarn from knit picks. I am going to try to make some pretty scarfs. Currently I am working on a scarf size of the Myrtle leaf shawl with willow border (ravelry link) I feel like it is going really slow and I really dislike doing the pearls but the result is very pretty, hopefully I can just figure out when to stop and have enough yarn for a border.

Well that was a lot to take in, congratulations if you actually read this far and didn’t just look at the pictures(I do that a lot). I will try to write more in the future and I would like to note that Kitty Yoshi has been using me as a couch the whole time I have been writing this.



  1. I have the same trouble with Mogwai and my yarn! I have to keep the yarn stash in the second bedroom where Mogwai can’t visit. I go in there to get any knitting done (which hasn’t been much lately), or take it to the car and do it while I wait for Mike at the Metro station.

  2. […] started my myrtle leaf scarf last May, it got put aside several times due to other projects, moving and just general fear of the project. […]

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