Posted by: johnnadette | June 25, 2008

Socks socks and more socks

Summer of socks has started and I am going pretty slow mostly due to my work schedual and catching a cold. I started on Coupling  (ravelry link) first because the yarn I picked was just calling to me, Fleece Artist Sea Wool with the colorway Paris. The colors were just so pretty. For some reason though, when I was pre-buying I decided to buy 1 size 0 circular needle and 1 size 1 with the plan of knitting two at a time, yea what was I thinking. So I am currently knitting these on both the 0 and 1 needles until the order I just placed arrives (I cant wait til I get back to the states where I can have a LYS). I knit the toes on the 1’s and I noticed today that the stitches are a bit larger than the rest but oh well they fit so whatever works right? I havent taken any pictures yet but I will get some soon.



  1. […] July 5, 2008 hmmm..dont know Posted by johnnadette under Kitty Yoshi, socks | Tags: Kitty Yoshi, scarf, socks, sos08 |   Pattern :Coupling(ravelry link) Yarn:Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Paris less than 1 skein Needles: circular size 1 and 0 (why two sizes?) […]

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