Posted by: johnnadette | July 5, 2008

hmmm..dont know

Pattern :Coupling(ravelry link) Yarn:Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Paris less than 1 skein
Needles: circular size 1 and 0 (why two sizes?)

I am not so sure what I think of my first socks for summer of socks. The yarn has such lovely colors, the pattern was well written and easy to memorize and I wasn’t worried about running out of yarn, but for some reason the two ends of my Fleece Artist Sea Wool were very different in color.

two colors As you can see here one sock has more of the green color while the other has more of the yellow. Both are pretty but together? I just am not sure what I think about it.  I am sure that I wont use yarn with such different colors for a fancy lace design again, perhaps one that was more tonal but colors like this need to be shown off.

Overall they are technically not bad socks, I think I knit them well. I will just have to not look at them for a bit then see what I think of them with fresh eyes.

kitty and loooong catIn other knitting news while deciding what sock to knit next (and waiting for another pair of size 1 and 0 circulars to arrive in the mail) I started a Loooooong cat scarf (ravelry link) for a coworker (Kitty Yoshi decided to help model it).  He is a fan of the “internet” and all things like  Longcat and Tagnol (google them if you really want to know and the really dareing can look on encyclopedia dramatica but be warned) I also get to learn double knitting with this, a little tricky at first handling both skeins at once but now I think I have the hang of it. This will be a very loooong scarf because I have 4 skeins of Lion Brand Microspun and the scarf is very skinny, but hey my coworker is thrilled and dosen’t mind if I take awhile to make it due to it being very very hot here right now. He is happy to wait till he gets back to the states to wear it.

Now I just have to pick my next sock…


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