Posted by: johnnadette | August 24, 2008

Summer Knitting

Well summer of socks and Ravelymics are almost over and I think I did pretty good for myself. For SOS08 I managed to complete 1 pair for each two week time frame. I am pretty proud of that because of my work schedule being so weird.

Week number 1: Coupling. These are ok, not spectacular. Mostly because of the weird ways the color pooled.

Week number 2: Anastasia Socks. I am much happier with how these turned out, the pattern worked well with the multi colored yarn, it’s just that after getting so many brightly colored yarn these colors seem way to drab. Where before I loved the subtle colors in this Lorna’s Laces Baltic Sea, now I find them lacking any pop. Still they are a nice basic pair and I got good mileage out of one skein

Week number 3: Azure socks. I am happy with these, I only hope that Karen likes them ( my mom has told me that she only wears black socks, but I know that she appreciates hand made things so hopefully dark blue will be ok) Out of all of the colors of yarn I used this Colinette Jitterbug was the one that the guys I work with said “I would wear that color.”

Week number 3: Japanese Feather Socks. I had started these during week two but I just couldn’t get the gauge right. I though that the largest dpns that I had were size 1 so I scrapped it for the time and did the Anastasias. Lo and behold I found a pack of Clover size 3 dpns under some paper on my living room table ( I really need to be more organized) and they worked! After that these were done in a flash, shows how using larger needles speeds up your work. These are for my mom and I think she will like them but I am not totally sure.

Week 4: Double dipped here and used these for Ravelympics too. For some reason when I signed up for Ravelympics I thought I had signed up with Lickety Splits that I am making for my Japanese mom and I started those when the time began. After reaching the heal of the first sock I checked Ravelry and to my dismay I saw I had signed up with the Zokni socks. So Lickety got put on the side burner and I started these. In a way I am glad I made that mistake because these are my favorites of all of the ones I have made this summer.

My other Ravelympics entry was this Catwarming Set. I used leftover yarn form other projects and stuffed them with catnip and a pair of old ankle socks that had holes in the heels. The cats love it so I am happy.

I probably could have finished a few more socks if I had really pushed myself, but then I would have had no life besides knitting and that is just no fun. Right now I have to finish the Longcat scarf for a coworker because I just figured out that I am headed home in Sept, sooner than I thought. I might not knit much else till I am done with this move and back in the states.



  1. Wow!!! Those are some impressive socks! My favorites are the Zokni ones too. And I have got to make a long cat scarf… it’s adorable!

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