Posted by: johnnadette | October 14, 2008

Not totally gone

I havent written in awhile mostly because I am in the middle of moving back home, changing my job and going through ALL of the boxes and boxes of stuff that I left with my parents 4 years ago. Though I do have one finished project I havent shown yet so here it is the Loong cat scarf

Pattern: LongCat Scarf

Yarn: Lion brand microspun

Size: well alot taller than me as you can see(I am 5 foot 4 1/2 inches exactly that half an inch can mean allot!) and actually as tall as the owner, Singletary, (see below) so around 6 feet I think. I didn’t get around to measuring it.

I will try to write more consistantly once I have settled in.



  1. That is totally and completely awesome! Good luck with the moving!

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