Posted by: johnnadette | October 27, 2008

MAC and Hat

While at a yarn shop my dad requested a hat, and this is that hat. It is Turn A Square by Jared Flood with Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted. The pattern was really well done and I finished the hat in about a day. I also learned a new trick, joggless stripes! That is something really handy that I didnt know I didnt know.

On a non knitting front I have taken a step toward being a hard core makeup person with my first MAC purchase. I got a really really good deal on the eye brush set at $35 at Nordstroms (I found out about the price here, a good site with makeup and hair tips) and the warm eye set from their holiday collection. I hope I like MAC as much as everyone else.


  1. MAC has good stuff – nice colors, easy to customize pallets, and some great brushes, but their foundations and concealers tend to be a bit drying. Also nice about their eye shadows is that they can be used wet or dry. Enjoy your new make-up!

    Make-up geek,

  2. Very nice hat! I didn’t know about jogless stripes!

    I wear MAC and I love them but I’m still only a special occasion make-up person. 🙂 I thought that when I grew up I’d want to make up everyday but since I don’t go into an office that never happens.

  3. Tracy, thanks for the MAC info, I have been using Bare Essentials as a foundation and I am pretty happy with that so good to know MACs faults

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