Posted by: johnnadette | November 2, 2008


Well this summer I entered two photo contests, the Knitty Calander and Summer of Socks socks on vacation. Sadly I did not win either of them 😦  I did get honorable mention for Knitty so that is pretty cool, and I might as well show off the pictures because I think they are really great. HP took them, I posed while Harris scoped out locations.

For the Knitty contest we went to the old Portuguese fort in Bahrain. We tried to get there early so it wouldn’t be too hot, but this was in Aug and in Aug in Bahrain it never cools down.

I told my helpers that I would buy them lunch to make up for the heat and getting up so early, they got tired of it pretty fast but we still got ALOT of pictures! These are just some of the best.

For the socks on vacation we went to the Tree of Life, I figured since I was in Bahrain at the time we might as well take advantage of the exotic location.

I am happy with my pictures, too bad I didn’t win anything but maybe next year.


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