Posted by: johnnadette | November 6, 2008

Turn a Square Squared

With the success of the first hat another was requested for my dad. He is bald and he has decided that my hats keep his head warmer than the rest.  The thought of him wearing only one hat, and thus smelling up only one hat disterbed my mom greatly so a second hat was started with the leftover yarn. This time I knit 4in before starting the decreasing instead of the 5in the pattern calls for. This fits the way my dad wear the hat better. My mom has requested that I make more and I think I have enough yarn leftover for two more, perhaps one in plain blue and one in plain red. Also the yarn, Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted, does what it says it is superwash. We washed the first hat and there may have been a little felting but none that I could really see.



  1. Superwash hats are really the best. Unfortunately Michael loves his handwash Malabrigo hat and hardly ever wears his superwash Koolhaas hat that I killed my hands with cabling. Of course!

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