Posted by: johnnadette | December 24, 2008

First Swap

I participated in the Darjeeling Limited Swap through the Odd Ducks Group on Ravelry. I havent gotten my package yet (there is still time so not worried yet) but my partner received and likes what I did so now I can show it off.

Since the theme of the swap is a movie that takes place in India I wanted to make a scarf that was as close as I could get to a sari. I did the scarf with the open and solid diamond lace edging from Victorian lace today with Noro Sock yarn. It is the best blocking I have done to date and I am really happy with how it turned out, but I think the real crowning glory of what I did (and the most fun to do) is the train.

The train in the movie is blue but I had this great box and one day it just dawned on me how train car shaped it was and thus the train project was born. I used acrylic paint and pen. I really love how it turned out. There are more picture of it on my flickr if you want to look. Next swap I am doing is the Wives of Henry the 8th and I already have a great idea for it cooking in my head. Now if it would only stop snowing so I could get supplies.



  1. I am in love with your scarf and your train box! You’re very talented and your partner is very lucky!

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