Posted by: johnnadette | February 20, 2009

Henry VII and his wives

Another swap with the Odd Ducks group on Ravelry. The theme for this one was the wives of Henry the VII. Instead of me explaining it here is the note from Anne Boleyn about the projects.

Her Royal Highness Anne Boleyn, Queen of England, Ireland and France, Marquess of Pembroke wishes to present you with these gifts. First a cowl, which Her Royal Highness feels is a version of the ruff more suited to your climate, made from wool spun from the very finest merino by the good folks at Knit Picks, bejeweled with little glass beads. Her Royal Highness wishes that you feel like a queen when you wear it and should you feel inclined to make your own she has included a set of beads for your use. Her Royal Highness also wishes to give you a cone of yarn from the famed Yarnia, she feels that it’s soft feel and colors will bring you great joy. From our Spanish friends a treat from the new world, it is called chocolate. This was very hard to procure due to the Spaniards holding on to its secret. From the orient Her Royal Highness has gifted you with some tea. Finally Her Royal Highness graces you with her likeness in the form of a paper doll with two dresses.

The Ice queen was fun to make, though a little tedious with the beads, but I had the most fun with the paper doll. I grew up with a rather large paper doll collection and it was fun to draw from that knowledge to make my own.


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