Posted by: johnnadette | March 4, 2009


Currently I am working on my first adult sized sweater (I have made a baby sweater) The Pattern is Short- Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing byStefanie Japel. The main part knit up really quick but now I am stuck on the sleeves. I have already made them longer than the pattern but the question is where do I want to stop. At first I thought I would make them full length but now considering the chunkyness of the sweater I am leaning towards 3/4 length. I haven’t touched it in a few days so hopefully that will have been enough time for me to look at it with fresh eyes. Though I have some socks that are asking to be knit and hopefully they don’t distract from the sweater



  1. It looks very good so far! I highly recommend 3/4 sleeves with bulky yarn. And if you don’t like the 3/4 sleeves after a couple of wearings you can always frog and knit them longer.

  2. That sounds like a good idea, I never seem to think of going back and reknitting things.

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