Posted by: johnnadette | March 11, 2009

Fuzzy Muff Stuff II

A few months ago I mentioned the fuzzy muff I had made a couple of years ago and how I never took a proper picture. I figured I would wait til it got colder and perhaps we got snow. We got snow, lots of it, so much that I was too cold to think of taking a picture and the only shoes I had that worked were my old ship boots. So I waited and forgot. We had a light dusting of snow the other day and I remembered my muff, though by the time I got out there most of it was gone. I am happy to report that the muff did do its job, it kept my hands nice and toasty.

Since my mom has a habit of taking blurry pictures  I usually set the camera to the timer and then run in front of it when I take pictures of my knitting. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t as you can see below.

You can see how the small amount of snow melted away.

This is my good walking picture

This is the not so good walking picture. I had the camera on some steps which were just too far away from where I wanted to be so I only just made it into the frame. Kinda a funny mistake don’t you think?


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